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Well, 2021 is over, and with that my Year of Intention has come to an end. Last year was the first time I decided to set a theme for the year instead of making up goals or resolutions-and it definitely did not go as expected. What started out as the…

Automate your API data updates in Google’s cloud data warehouse

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Google BigQuery is a fast, scalable data storage solution that easily integrates with some of the top data science applications like Power BI and Tableau. If you’ve ever used BigQuery before, you probably know that it has a lot of features. Like, a LOT of features. …

How can you ensure that a product launch will be successful? Decision trees are a great introduction to using data science for these types of business problems

Image by fietzfotos on Pixabay

Decision trees represent a connecting series of tests that branch off further and further down until a specific path matches a class or label. They’re kind of like a flowing chart of coin flips, if/else statements, or conditions that when met lead to an end result. Decision trees are incredibly…

What is actually the difference between a three-star review and a four-star review? Natural Language Processing has the answer!

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If you’ve ever read through Yelp reviews you might have noticed that there is a lot of inconsistency from reviewer to reviewer. Some reviews say the food is “life-changing” while only leaving three stars, while others say the food is “just okay” and leave five stars. The five-star review system…

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